New research!

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Congratulations to our Principal Psychologist Dave for co-authoring and publishing his recent research on expectations and needs support, in the context of exercise messaging! This work can be found...

I exercise, but can't lose weight... What. Gives.

Posted By David Simich,
Exercise is beneficial across multiple physical and psychological areas, including reducing blood pressure, preventing onset of cardiovascular disease and diabetes, improved quality of life, improved...

Food cravings control me: steps to manage these cravings

Posted By David Simich,
According to a recent poll by Precision Nutrition into the biggest challenges that people face in attempting to reduce their body weight, managing cravings crack the top three biggest challenges. It...

How do I stop eating when I'm bored?!

Posted By David Simich,
Emotions are so pervasive in our everyday lives that it effects pretty much every behaviour that we do. Emotions allow us to notice and remember events that evoke feelings of joy, sorrow, pleasure,...

Resources and Articles are coming soon!

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